Why it's Important for Kids to be Active and Outside

Why it
Nov 3rd Admin

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up – and while it’s an incredible gift in many ways, allowing us to communicate, plan and explore like never before, it can also be dangerous if used too frequently.

Our children are growing up used to instant access to technology, instant gratification with all sorts of entertainment and fun at their fingertips. It can be an invaluable tool for parents and carers alike for finding out new things, learning and playing – but here at Browne’s Boot Camp we feel that too much technology can interfere with the traditional joys of childhood.

We’re passionate about getting kids outside: playing, exploring the outdoors and their own limits. Not only is there ample opportunity for learning about themselves and their surroundings, Browne’s Boot Camp is fantastic for forming social bonds with other children. We promote team building skills, self-discipline and self-confidence, using exercise as a way to establish healthy habits and a love of exercise that once set in childhood, is that much more difficult to break as an adult!

At Browne’s Boot Camp we provide a range of boot camps in term time and the holidays to keep kids, busy, healthy and happy. Exercise is so important for both mental and physical well-being and it’s our passion to instil healthy habits into children by getting to love exercise and the multiple benefits it brings. At our boot camps we create fun activities that children will love, from team sports to tugs of war to circuits and boxing, to encourage the development of new skills and talents.

All Browne’s Boot Camp Kids Instructors are fully qualified and CRB and DBS checked. For more information on the services we offer please see our Kids Boot Camp and Holiday Boot Camp pages, with sessions running in Brentwood and Leigh on Sea.

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