Jack Browne

Assistant Head BBC Trainer
About Jack

Hi, I’m Jack! I have served in the British Army for nine years, joining in 2004 straight from school. I joined as a tank crewman serving with the Royal Dragoon Guards serving in places such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Canada and Iraq.

In 2008 I was chosen to become an Army Physical Training Instructor: an extremely hard three month pass or fail course, where I had to learn how to train soldiers in circuits, running, loaded marches, swimming and battle PT. I jumped at the chance and completed the course as the best student.

In 2010 I moved to The Royal Armoured Corps at Bovington as a Physical Training Instructor, training well over 300 recruits in Physical Training.

As a Physical Training Instructor I work as part of a team of 10 PTIs, which forms an integral part of the Military Training Centre. Responsibilities include conducting daily physical conditioning sessions for soldiers, permanent staff and civilian MOD employees, and ensuring recruits are physically prepared for the operational demands of the field army. Sessions include circuit training, endurance training, battle PT, interval training, spinning, sports training and swimming training. I am also a qualified swimming instructor teaching children's swimming lessons twice a week. As well as all this, I provide nutrition and dietary advice and organise various sporting competitions throughout the training year.

Jacks Passions

Jack is a keen runner competing in numerous Army and civilian races, from the Army Cross Country Championships to The Great North Run. He loves swimming, something he has been brought up with as a child, and recently had trials for the Army Swimming Team. However, triathlons are at the top of his list: he loves the training involved in order to succeed. This year he came second in the Southern British Army Triathlon held at Bovington, Dorset. He puts success down to the work put in prior to doing anything, with his motto being ‘train hard fight easy'.