Angus Browne's Sporting Past

Angus Browne
Sep 13th Admin

Exercise isn’t just my day job – I’ve loved exercise, pushing my limits and raising my fitness goals ever since I was young. It’s my passion to get my clients loving what they do and feeling healthy and strong. My Boot Camps are all about variety to work different muscles, and to ensure they’re more interesting than doing the same things in the gym every day – and a large part of that is due to my own sporting past.

I have taken part in rugby, football, cross country, boxing and karate from a young age, each testing different muscle groups and concentrating on a specific target. I like to incorporate all these different styles of exercise in my own boot camps and personal training sessions, so my members never get too comfortable doing just one thing!

From boxing to help with agility to cross country running to build up stamina to tyre work to help with overall strength, Brownes Boot Camp focusses on a broader idea of health and physical fitness. Using these lessons I have learned from my own diverse interests when it comes to sport and exercise, we want to make sure our members are all-rounders when it comes to health and fitness so they can rise to the challenge in whatever situation.

The sessions around in Essex in Leigh-on-Sea, Brentwood, Colchester and Shoeburyness are designed to push you in many different ways – I take inspiration from my own sporting past and my favourite exercises to think up new ways to challenge my clients.

If a varied exercise routine with influences from different styles sounds like something you’d be interested in, just contact Brownes Boot Camp today for more information.

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